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With record 8.1% GDP growth in last fiscal year, Bangladesh is already the fastest growing economy in the Asia Pacific region. Energy demand is expected to surge further to attain Bangladesh’s ambition of becoming a developed economy by 2041. In order to sustainably achieve Bangladesh’s development ambition, energy efficiency and conservation will continue to play a pivotal role. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Master Plan up to 2030 outlines Bangladesh’s target to achieve 20% reduction of primary energy consumption per GDP by 2030, compared to 2013 level. A robust policy, appropriate strategies, awareness, capacity of stakeholders and well-designed institutional framework are preconditions for achieving energy efficiency (EE) goals. The sharing of key ingredients of effective policy/ strategy/ institutionalization along with success factors for its implementation would be beneficial for Bangladesh to fulfil the government’s goals on energy efficiency and conservation.

Against the above backdrop, a three-day International Conference will be held during 11-13 November 2019 at Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized by Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) in collaboration with REEEP II and GIZ Sector Network TUEWAS (Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia). The conference will bring together experts, policy makers, civil society and the private sector, in particular from developing countries. The proposed actions will promote awareness on the impact and required action regarding climate- change mitigation opportunities through energy efficiency and conservation awareness. The Conference would also serve as a forum for dialogue among relevant stakeholders and an effective platform for national and international policy discussions to structure and adopt a holistic approach for confronting the issues at the interface of climate change mitigation through knowledge building.

Purpose and Objectives

The underlying purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for sharing experiences among participants on the theme of the conference – “Awareness is key for an energy conscious society”. The main conference will be held during 11-12 November, followed by a field trip on 13 November 2019.

With stimulating and timely topics on energy efficiency and conservation awareness, the conference aims to draw lessons from regional success stories, suitable approaches and policy instruments in raising awareness and addressing behavioural and social aspects of adopting energy efficiency measures and ensure their energy-saving performance. Spread over a total of four thematic sessions, the conference is expected to create a platform to highlight the role of fast evolving internet of Things (IOTs) and digitization in promotion of energy efficiency and conservation. On the other hand, the conference intends to explore the successful industrial energy efficiency landscape from technical, regulatory, financial and implementation aspects for replicability and scalability across different implementing organizations, geographical and sector boundaries, and social contexts. The conference would further share the role of private sector in catalysing market development of energy efficient appliances.
During the conference the participants will share their experience on the following key issues:

  • Approaches used in promotion of national energy efficiency and conservation awareness across the countries
  • Success factors and challenges for the promotion of energy efficiencies and conservation in industries, residential sectors
  • Private sector – a major catalyst in bringing market approach in energy efficiency and conservation awarenes
  • Measuring impact of energy efficiency and conservation awareness programme